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Where to stay

Options for places to stay in Azerbaijan

Whether you prefer a luxurious hotel or a humble apartment to call home while traveling, Azerbaijan has options for you.

You have a few routes to find accommodation in Azerbaijan such as AirBnb, VRBO, Booking.com and more. In general there is a greater range of luxury to economic options in Baku. Outside of Baku you most likely won’t find hostels, rather vacation homes and hotels.

Where to stay: price ranges

We thought it would be helpful to show the general range of prices and what you might expect with the associated price tag. We’ll share a high, medium and low price level for a few of the most popular cities. If you scroll down you’ll see our breakdown of price points per location.

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Accommodation at different price points in Azerbaijan

How we determined these prices: Prices below are for 2 adults, 2 months in advance. We are comparing high rated rooms for 1-2 people, not entire apartments which are also available. The “Medium” price is taken by clicking on the very middle page of search results. Price may vary depending on when you book.


baku accomodation hotel price comparison go travel azerbaijan bookiing.com

High— $347/night at the Four Seasons (includes great breakfast, pool, central location, many amenities)

Medium— $35/night at Twin Castle Boutique Hotel (includes great breakfast, very central location)

Low = $3/night at White City Hostel (optional $3 breakfast, walking distance to central location)

Work in progress

We will be adding to this list in the coming weeks. For now the general takeaway is there is more range of options in Baku on both spectrums than when compared to smaller cities. In general, the average cost of mid-level hotels is $35-$40/night.

Stay tuned for more info. In the meantime you can discover different places in Azerbaijan to visit!

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