//Gabala: Discover Azerbaijani wine in its birth place
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Gabala: Discover Azerbaijani wine in its birth place

The wine has been a proud representative of Azerbaijani people many years. You can observe endless grape fields throughout the country. The district of Gabala has been the center of wine production since ancient times, including the historic village of Savalan which has given a name for itself for its extensive vineyards at the base of the mountains.. Even today, wine-making remains are discovered dating back to Early Middle Ages.

Savalan Wine Cellar in GabalaIf you are happend to travel to Gabala (also known as Qabala or Qəbələ) wine tasting in Savalan ASPI Winery is the must. Savalan wine is one of the best in the country and they won many international awards, exported to Europe, Asia. Fortunately, the winery provides English-speaking tour guide which includes sightseeing the factory, underground storage room, tasting variety of wine, history of the vineyard as well as different technology they and the opportunity to buy wine with discount price.

Once you arrived at Gabala, the winery is within a short distance from the city center. Before visiting winery, you should call and arrange a tour,  the price of a tour varies depending on the number of people. The more people, the cheaper.  However, you visit Azerbaijan through a travel agency or hotel staff can help with this as well. Be aware that the winery is not connected to main transportation, so make sure you have a means of going back to your hotel after the tour. Tour lasts around 1-2 hours.

Please visit official website for tour arrangement. Here is the current contact information (check the official website for any update):

Wine tour Manager
Gafur Jalilov
Т: (+994 77)339 60 07
Е: winetour@aspiwinery.az

Please note: We don’t have any affliation with the company.