//Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021
Formula one Baku, Formula 1 Baku Azerbaijan

Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021

Azerbaijan hosts the world famous auto race Formula One in Baku during April.

What is normally a low-key relaxed city gets transformed into a high-speed raceway along with with tens of thousands of new visitors. There are different options for experiencing the race based on your budget- fully luxurious private viewing clubs, stadium-seating grandstands along the track in various spots, rooftop parties, and more.

A race car between two buildings in Baku



The Baku City Circuit, 2.2 km (1.4 miles) long, is a unique route through beautiful Baku which passes by the historical Old City walls as well as seaside.


The Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021 will be held on June 03-06.

This is a great opportunity for people who like fast cars and wants to hear unique noises from the fastest cars’ engine in the world.

How to watch:

The most common way to watch the Formula One race in Baku, Azerbaijan is on the stadium-seated grandstands (tickets can be bought via the official Baku City Circuit website or from the official F1 website.) You can even book accommodation around this circuit and get a view to the race from your balcony or window. We’ll be adding more specific places to this post in the coming weeks to help you prepare.


Baku’s Formula One race was hosted in 2017 and is a favorite location for its unique views and luxurious offerings. Stay tuned as we add more specific tips to this posting to help you prepare for your trip to Baku for this massive event.

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